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Esther Roniyah Stanford-Xosei (aka Sister Ekua) is an internationally acclaimed Reparationist, Jurisconsult (i.e., a specialist in jurisprudence, the science and philosophy of law), dynamic Community Advocate and radio Broadcaster.

As a recognised scholar-activist committed to making a difference, Esther applies her specialist knowledge of international, human and peoples' rights law in her advocacy for key social and environmental justice causes.

Most notably, Esther is a long-standing researcher, campaigner, spokesperson and public opinion former on Pan-African Reparations for Global Justice. In this regard she serves as the Co-Vice Chair of the Pan-African Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE). On behalf of PARCOE, Esther is a Broadcaster on Britain’s first and only licensed African community radio station, Voice of Africa Radio where she presents a weekly current affairs talk show.

As a socially conscious media personality, she also does public speaking, delivers keynote lectures and provides expert political analysis and socio-legal commentary on breaking news stories and issues pertaining to: Africa and the African Diaspora, international relations, foreign policy, reparations, law and public policy, racial and criminal justice, gender equity and women’s health.

Esther’s life work has been to establish and support the development of law related education and training programmes and services designed to promote legal literacy and raise the socio-legal consciousness of lay persons as a means of personal development and community empowerment. In furtherance of this goal, Esther is the founder and Director of Soul Law, a not-for-profit law related education & training social enterprise.

An eloquent spokeswoman, Esther has featured in the following independent and award multi-winning films:

·         Motherland (2010)
·         500 Years Later (2005)
·         Our Story Our Voice (2007).

Ultimately, as a Reparationist, Esther's life mission of working to bring about progressive social change as a way of restoring social equilibrium and just relations amongst and between peoples has led her to fulfilling her calling to serve potential and expectant parents and families in procreation, pregnancy and childbirth education and parenting support services. She is now acting on her desire to compliment her life work by being an antenatal, birth and postnatal doula otherwise known as a ‘birth companion’. Experience and wisdom has taught Esther that we can literally transform the world and end intergenerational injustice by changing the way we give birth and better preparing for those beautiful ones who have not yet been born.

Esther is a trustee of the award winning Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust based in South London which works to provide housing and other social support for young homeless women. Since 2004, she has also served as a Trustee of Anti-Slavery International which works to eradicate slavery and slavery like practices.

In fact, there is a Zulu expression: "If the future doesn't come toward you, you have to go fetch it". Undoubtedly, Esther’s works are a small yet significant contribution towards forging an understanding that each and every one of us can play an essential role in fetching a better future. 









The best approach to reparations for the past is to make preparations for the future Kofi Mawuli Klu
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Esther was actively involved in the Europe wide mobilisation towards the 2001 United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (WCAR) and its follow-up the 2002 African & African Descendants World Conference Against Racism (AADWCAR) co-organised by the Barbados Government’s Commission of Pan-African Affairs and an international steering committee, of which she was the UK representative. It was at this conference that an international legal and extra-legal strategy was devised to further the cause of Pan-African Reparations. She and other notable luminaries in the Pan-African Reparations Movement were charged with the responsibility of initiating a legal strategy in the UK which commenced in 2003 when the Black Quest for Justice Campaign (BQJC) initiated it’s ‘Law as resistance’ legal and extra-legal strategy in furtherance of Pan-African Reparations For Global Justice.

Driven by the need to preserve her people’s stories of resistance, resilience and transcendence as a lamplight to the future, Esther is proud to be a founder member and General Secretary of the Rendezvous of Victory, (ROV). ROV is a Pan-African-led multiracial anti-slavery abolitionist heritage learning movement dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage of new abolitionist activism and anti-slavery jurisprudence as an example of what people can achieve when they unite around common goals for the advancement of humanity. Esther has served as a Trustee of Anti-Slavery International, since 2004.

Her and her colleagues coalition building work in ROV and Anti-Slavery International has led to the successful campaign for the British Government to officially observe 23 August, the United Nations International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition as the UK Slavery Memorial Day and the introduction of teaching about the so called ‘Transatlantic Slave Trade’ as a compulsory curriculum topic. She is also a key architect in developing the ROV proposal for a British All Party Parliamentary Commission for Truth Justice and Conciliation on the Transatlantic Traffic in Enslaved Africans (TTEA) otherwise known as the Maangamizi, (African holocaust of enslavement).

As co-founder of the Peoples Liberation Law Colloquium and in association with PARCOE, Esther is developing a Model Reparations Curriculum for teaching in schools and institutions of further and higher education as part of the PARCOE Reparations Education & Legal Literacy Programme.