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Grassroots Rising Community Regeneration Network On behalf of the UK-based Grassroots Rising Community Regeneration Network, which Esther coordinated between 2004-2007,she wrote the Cross Community Dialogue toolkit.

This Toolkit came about as a result of a need identified by community organisations that were part of the network, on of the need for community groups and leaders to be facilitated to engage in dialogue on some of the most fundamental issues of racial inequality impacting on Black and other racialised communities. It was expressed that people often lack the ability to talk about race related issues and concerns. This toolkit is designed to enable community groups to engage in cross-community/interracial as well as intra-community dialogue.

Abeng Soundings: Abolitionist Landmarks of our Freedom March Esther co-authored Abeng Soundings: Abolitionist Landmarks of our Freedom March, Southwark 2007 and Beyond, as part of her role as the Coordinator of the Southwark 2007 & Beyond Bicentenary Steering Group funded by Southwark Council.

Unlike any other in the world, this publication provides a comprehensive overview of the resistance efforts which African freedom fighters undertook during the struggles against chattel, colonial and neo-colonial slavery. Chronicling such resistance from the 14-21st Centuries, this publication is a fitting tribute to Africans freedom fighters and abolitionist in their struggles to make the world a more just and humane place.









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Taking Back Our World Back Taking Back Our World Back is the title of Esther’s forthcoming book. Taking Back Our World chronicles the rise of the Pan-African Reparations Movement as it has developed in the UK and around the world.

Her book seeks to effect a paradigm shift in the global dialogue unfolding about reparations both within and outside the movement by highlighting landmarks in the Jurisprudence of Pan-African Reparations. In it, Esther unveils an evidenced based platform for action for transcending multigenerational trauma and victimhood and realising self-determination in African peoples and their ascendants’ reparations freedom quest to ‘repair the world’.